Kader Diaby is a photographer, art director and fashion designer based in Abidjan. He has been interested in different art and design practices for several years. Photography became a primary tool of expression for Kader Diaby when he began with Instagram stories. He quickly ventured into exploring more content-based narratives with his 35mm film camera.

For his staged work Kader needed outfits but what he was looking for was either not available in Ivory Coast or didn’t correspond to his taste. So, Kader Diaby began to design his own garments and outfits. Today he releases a new collection of his clothing line named “Olooh” twice a year. The brand reflects his own lifestyle, a mix of tradition and modernity, using organic components as linen, cotton, wood and leather to manufacture the clothes and accessories.

Questioned to elaborate on his practice with the medium photography, Kader replies:

“With photography I address subjects such as my own individuality opposed to how we as Africans define ourselves as a whole in the present day? Where is my generation headed in this globalized world with its tendency to standardize cultures? What defines the locality of a home when our references become more and more similar. Death is a further topic I regularly address in my work. I appreciate working in collaborations with other artists and wish to do this more with people from different cultural backgrounds in the near future.

Sharing is what makes art become art.



- 2017: Further training in photography and editorial design, certificate from Klaym in collaboration with ZHdK ( Zurich University of Arts)

- 2015: Master 2 in Audit and Management Control at HIGH-TECH Morocco



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-      September 2018, participates in UNSEEN with the Klaym collective

-      March 2017, Invited to submit a project proposal for “A New Gaze 2018“, the award for young contemporary photography by Bank Vontobel (Switzerland)

-      Publication in the THE NICE MAGAZINE



-      2019: Kalô bola, Abidjan photography, shot on film 35mm

-      2019: A photography pledge, Cover of oath magazine, shot on film 35mm

-      2019: Supreme higher entity, IAMSIGO look book Abidjan, photography

-      2018: exhibition at UNSEEN in Amsterdam

-      2018: launched, clothe collection in collaboration with vlisco

-      2018: launched, shoes and clothe collection “rue des princes”

-      2018 : Muse Project, Abidjan, photography shot on film 35 mm

-      2018 : Miria, iyé i yèrè gniniga, Abidjan, photography shot on film 35 mm

-      2017 : Feuillet, Abidjan, Digital photography

-      2017 : Mon Doux Coin, Mondoukou, photography shot on film 35 mm

-      -2017 : OLOH (which mean our in my traditional dialect Senoufo), shoe collection, handmade in Morocco by a women NGO, made in raffia…

-      -2016 : ongoing Alaek, photography shot in Abidjan